Collection: Safari from Kaudulla

Identified as an important bird area and a park where Sri Lankan elephants roam freely, the Kaudulla National Park is situated about 197 km away from Colombo covering a land area of about 6900 hectares. The nearest city being Polonnaruwa, safaris can be organized to Kaudulla while private safaris can also be booked through Lakpura Travels. The elephants move from Minneriya to Kaudulla in search of more water and food during the drought period which is somewhere between September and October while the Kaudulla Tank plays a massive role in nourishing the surrounding habitat. With over 160 species of birds recorded in the park, large water birds can also be seen here. There are more mammal species, reptiles, fish, amphibians and fresh water turtles inhabit the Kaudulla National Park. With dry evergreen forests, the park and tank area is surrounded by chena cultivation and grasslands.

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