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Lakpura Batik Sarong (Design G)

Lakpura Batik Sarong (Design G)

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(SKU: LSZ0073792) The Sri Lankan batik industry is a small scale industry catering to tourists and locals’ alike offering unique wax resist dyeing techniques that are used to create colourful designs depicting the rich cultural heritage of our land. Batik fashion is very popular among Sri Lankans as well while the Batik Sarong is a trend that can be seen during festive occasions such as the New Year.

The batik industry offers many forms of clothing items but the motifs on the sarongs and other attire are mainly a display of the culture, nature and beauty of Sri Lanka. The Lakpura Batik Sarong is ideal to gift someone who loves traditional things while it will be eye catching at a theme party for sure.

  • Traditional Clothing
  • Sri Lankan fashion trend
  • Rich cultural designs
  • Batik clothing

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